Our conference CFO Forum Slovakia is knocking on the door! One of our speakers - Eduard Shlepetskyy has decided to give us an interview about his biggest passion – process automation.

Why do we implement RPA to our company?

Process Automation (PA) software allows users to automate and manage workflows using a drag and drop interface. This makes robotic process automation accessible to everyone. Imagine you can focus on work that brings additional value for organizations instead of doing manual and repetitive job.  During the last 5 years RPA has proven it’s value to value to enterprises in several areas. And we are not speaking only about FTE (Full – Time Equivalent – means 1 person is working 8 hours a day = 1 FTE) saving. One of the remarkable differences between RPA and other technology integration is rapid RoI (Revenue of Invesment). You can have your first robot running in 4-6 weeks and have RoI in less than 1 year.

What is the benefit?

There are several. For the company it is already mentioned rapid RoI, improvement in quality with eliminating human errors and ability to execute 24/7 with much higher speed than usual.

For the end client the main benefit is better customer experience. You get your order faster, with less possible reworks and in addition you receive better human interaction, because employees are not busy with tedious copy-paste, but customer communication instead.

As an employee you are able to focus on more challenging intellectual tasks instead of repetitive ones. Also on a daily basis you interact with new technologies. This creates higher employee satisfaction and more interest to the job.

Why customers should choose us as RPA providers?

We won’t say we are the best, cheapest or fastest. It’s a combination of our know-how and community of experts within a Showroom and RPA Club that moves us ahead of competition.

We have implemented over 100 robots that work error less and do their job. We built a knowledge sharing platform where we list of processes of our members and clients. Imagine you have an access to all RPA processes under one roof that will inspire you to make your organization better. Least but not last our professionals have world recognition in RPA such as MVP (most valuable professional) etc. 

Is RPA important for companies?

Sure it’s important, especially in 2020 and beyond. There are new pressures on companies due to Covid-19, terrorism, natural disasters and similar. Interaction with customers goes digital and having robots implemented improves Business Continuity Plan (BCP) a lot 

Can be RPA implemented to all kind of industries or it’s focusing on one industry?

Visit our Showroom I mentioned earlier. There are 9 industries currently from over 50 members just for 3 weeks from opening. It’s growing each day in both, industries and departments. The beauty about is that you can find your favorite Process and implement it, after adjustments, to your company needs. If you don’t find the process that suits your organization just get in touch with us and receive tailor made automation in few weeks

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